Savannah - Slone Designer
Design Consultant

Savannah Goodman

Savannah Goodman is an artist in many mediums, naturally giving her creativity and fresh ideas when helping clients dream up their perfect home. She believes there is always something to gain from her role, and in turn, there is always something for her clients to gain from working with her.

Meet Savannah

Hi, I’m Savannah. My love for my job shines through when guiding my clients toward their dream design. I’m sure to not push onto them what I like, what the world likes, or what Pinterest likes. I value the importance of individuality and catering to exactly what my clients come to me for: understanding their vision and bringing that to life.


Rescued kittens that she adores.


Started at Slone Brothers.


Art mediums she loves


Years in the industry professionally

Work With Savannah

Savannah is excited to help create spaces that are inviting and cozy - somewhere you’d want to be.